Mike Quinn Autographs

Browse from the selection below which ones you would like to purchase. Make a note of each item's code you would like. For example NN1 etc.


    Browse from the selection below which ones you would like to purchase. Make a note of each item's code. For example: NN! etc. 


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    There isn't really a step four, but you can also email me at any time if you have questions or want to confirm details after you have placed your order. It's pretty simple and I'll be around if you need.


Mailed in thick plastic pockets and cardboard envelopes

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Nien Nunb Single

Nien Lando

Nien TFA

Nien X1

Nien Mike

Ree Yees


Dark Crystal

Fraggle Rock

Roger Rabbit


Brand new image for 2020!

The Rise Of Skywalker


Free Bonus With Every 8x10 Order!

Autographed Baseball Style Collector Card


If your prefer to just purchase this Baseball Style card instead of an 8x10, you can do so here.

Autographed Card Front


Autographed Card Back


$30 Each Including Free

Worldwide Shipping!

Signed Lando and Nien Autograph Special!

I had Billy Dee Williams sign these last November when we were both attending a convention in Puerto Rico. There are only FIVE available. I will add my Nien Nunb autograph once purchased.

$147 each (including shipping)

Below are some special limited items...

These Crew Screening tickets are original and from my own private collection and were used by me to attend. There is only one Labyrinth ticket and six Return Of The Jedi tickets. They will be sold as is and unsigned. When they are gone, they are gone! I've never seen these anywhere else since. 


Labyrinth Crew Screening Ticket (only one available)

$197 (including shipping) 

Return Of The Jedi Crew Screening Ticket (only six available)

$197 each (including shipping)